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Work with with contacts, sending emails

1 Create own group. Group creation
  • V podkategorii Email - skupiny klikněte na Přidat záznam.
  • If you have group already, continue to no. 4.
2 Fill in information about group. Group creation
  • V Editaci kategorie vytvořte vlastní skupinu vyplněním názvu a kontaktních emailů.
  • You can import mails from external files.
  • We recommend to create testing group with max. of 5 contacts for start to test sending and email look before sending to clients..
  • Members of testing groups have to be informed about testing and should send testing results to sender.
  • It is recommended to have different email providers (gmail, yahoo...)
  • You ensure proper testing by this.
3 Edit group in case of need. Group list
  • Click on icon Edit in list of groups.
  • Edit name or contacts inside the group, do not forget to save your changes.
4 Send email to selected group. Email creation
  • V podkategorii Odesílání klikněte na přidat záznam.
  • Choose sender and newsletter you would like to send.
Email settings
  • Choose email subject and language, then choose contact group to which you would like to send your email.
  • If it is testing email, lick on checkbox  checkbox
5 Send Sending of emal
  • Check if you have all data filled as you need.
  • Stiskněte tlačítko Odeslat.
6 Final summary Send email confirmation
  • Confirmation message will be shown.
  • Pokud vše souhlasí, stiskněte znovu Odeslat.
Email sent
  • Great, you have sen your own html email!